The Best Hiking Backpack For Women

Top 10 Best Hiking Backpack For Women

Whether you are off to a trail behind your house or taking a week-long trip in the forests, your backpack is an essential item. During hiking, a backpack is not just a backpack, but it is your make-or-break partner. You need to ensure that you have the best hiking backpack for women that carries the luggage of month longs trips and is as lightweight to go on day hikes. Women have a petite body, so you need to get your hands on the size that fits your body just right; hence the weight is distributed equally amongst your body.

As if hiking is not already tough enough, finding the right backpack is a cherry on top! The market is filled with dozens of options in all sizes, materials, colors, etc. but guess what? They are mostly for men. Now coming towards the unisex bag choices, which are still only preferable for men. Finally, selecting the best daypack for hiking for women can only be done right with women hiking bag packs. Nothing is worse than carrying the wrong backpack on a hike.

Don’t worry, young ladies; we have your back! We have done thorough research with the help of other female experts, and it turns out that we can guarantee the top 10 daypacks for hiking for women.

Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks For Women:

Keep on reading, ladies, to find the right backpacks for your hiking trips. We have shortlisted the top 10 best hiking backpacks for women that are lightweight, comfortable, budget-friendly, and most of all, fit our bodies just right, so what are you waiting for?

Osprey Aura Women’s Hiking Backpack:

The Osprey Aura women’s hiking backpack is made with anti-gravity suspension; hence you are made to feel less weighed than carrying the actual weight of the backpack. This feature also helps the daypack from doing any unnecessary movement. The Fit-on-the-fly hip belt and the adjustable harness perfectly contour the Osprey backpack around your body. You can rest assured that you will be greatly comfortable in this perfect fitting daypack for hiking for women. You can be confident with the web net of the Osprey Aura women’s backpack and the removable top lid secured with double zippers. The backpack also has a hydration chamber that can hold water up to 3L, so you can easily go for longer hikes. No worries about getting thirsty now. The front covering of the hiking bag is manufactured with mesh where you can store your rain gear and additional layers. Moreover, the backpack serves the space for storage of 30-50 lbs; hence you can conveniently take longer and shorter trips. 

Osprey Tempest Women’s Hiking Backpack

The Osprey tempest women’s hiking backpack is your rightful companion on all hikes. This backpack comes with an adjustable shoulder harness to ensure you are comfortable during the hike. It also helps in making it a perfect fit according to your body. The top loader of the daypack also permits the main compartment; hence grab whatever you want whenever you want. Side mesh pockets are available to store essentials in case of need. No need to go rummaging through the main compartment to grab necessary items like a torch, snack bar, wallet, etc. Osprey tempest daypack for hiking for women comes with additional hydration sleeves that accommodate storing 3L water so you can always stay hydrated. The multiple zippered top pockets and hip belt are the right choices for you to grab your things quickly. Furthermore, the Osprey backpack has a trekking pole attachment that enables you to attach trekking poles to the bag whenever you want.  

The North Military Women’s Backpack

The North military women’s backpack is lightweight and can carry up to 25 lbs. this backpack is specially designed for women with its perfect size. In addition to that, it has many pockets for easy access to anything and everything. The internal main compartment is manufactured with fleece material so your laptop or MacBook can stay safe. The back of day back is padded with a ventilation system. This breathable system comes in handy in the summer in scorching heat so that you don’t sweat and get uncomfortable during your trip. One of the underrated features of this North military pack is dual mesh pockets for water storage. You can be sure that this backpack is your strongest companion with its sternum strap that has a whistle buckle. Moreover, it also comes with a top handle for easy carrying and a detachable waist belt so you can customize it as per your size.

Deuter Women’s Lite Trekking Backpack

Deuter women’s lite backpack is the ultimate queen of backpacks. It is an all-in-one hiking backpack for women. Its features include being lightweight and at the same time able to carry enough weight to last you days. No matter the duration of the hiking trip, this daypack will accompany you in the best ways possible with its spacious and comfortable nature. The cherry on top of this hiking bag is that it is manufactured by women who have designed it keeping their bodies in mind. Hence you can only see how perfectly this bag will fit you, keeping in mind its narrow shoulders, conical-shaped hip belt, and shorter back length. Its feature also includes a breathable padded back which allows the in and out of air. This ergonomic Deuter hiking backpack for women is your ideal bag if you are looking for comfort. It makes the best custom design with its dual density foam, adjustable torso, and back length. Furthermore, it can carry an additional weight of 10L with the extendable pack with a hydration chamber and much-needed pockets.  

RHINO Internal Frame Mountain climbing Hiking Backpack

Rhino internal frame backpack is the absolute backpack when it comes to durability. It is manufactured with nylon to provide waterproof functionality, and the bottom lining is made with ripstop material. This is the best budget-friendly daypack for hiking for women. It has a storage space of 40L, which can last you a few days of hiking trips with an additional 5L space on the extendable pack. Rhino is also enabled with separate storage compartments, i.e., main compartment, sleeping bag compartment, hydration chamber, and other necessary pockets for easy access. The daypack has a whistle attached to the sternum strap for safety measures. The Rhino-compatible backpack is very secure considering its waist buckle system and adjustable hip and shoulder straps. Rain covers are mandatory but worry not, as the Rhino internal frame women’s back also comes with a waterproof rain cover. 

Osprey One size Daylite Backpack

Osprey has the best daypack for hiking because of all the variety of quality features they offer. This Osprey one-size daylite backpack has a large main compartment for most essentials. Besides that, it has additional side pockets manufactured with mesh to store necessary objects and easy access. A front panel pocket is also enabled for mandatory products like torches, keys, wallets, etc.; an internal pocket is available for storing sensitive items like laptops or water. This Osprey one-size backpack has mesh built back for comfort and ventilation. This Osprey hiking backpack for women is the best when taking a one-day trip down or just going on a trail behind the house with its convenient storage space of 20L. 

Gregory Women’s Deva Backpacking Pack

Gregory women’s Deva backpack is highly suitable for the extended trip because of its large storage capacity of 60L. It has a built suspension system which is the perfect choice for women because they can effortlessly adjust it to their size. One of the amazing features of the Gregory deva backpack is that it is enabled with independently pivoted shoulder straps. Plus, this backpack also has fixed chest straps. Another convincing feature is mesh manufacturing of waist belts and back and shoulder straps for the ventilation of air and comfort. It has multiple pockets, including side mesh pockets that can even store two bottles and hip pockets for small items. Moreover, the hiking backpack for women has an additional rain cover, removable sleeping bag compartment, and hydration bladder, a cherry on top. In addition, this backpack can become a lightweight daypack for short one-day trips so that you can use it for multi-purpose. 

Osprey Renn Aurora purple Women’s Backpacking Backpack

If you are departing for a journey requiring lots of luggage and gear, then the Osprey Renn women’s backpack is your go-to companion. It has multiple storage compartments so you can get accessible store battery, phone, power bank, torch, keys, compass, water bottles so much more. This hiking backpack for women can store storage up to 30-40lbs. In rainy weather, the backpack provides PFC-free manufactured rain cover for you to protect your backpack and its items. The backpack also has a sleeping bag with a divider so you can carry it along or maybe not, depending on the nature of your journey. This daypack for hiking for women also has a built-in water reservoir that stores 3L of water so you can stay hydrated.

Moreover, the backpack is customizable for many body shapes and sizes. The most attractive feature of the Osprey Renn women’s backpack is its AirSpeed back panel. It helps in letting air in and out and gives a great ventilation system for the backpack for comfort. 


Mystery ranch daypack is the best when pursuing a hard journey where you expect nothing but harsh weather conditions and rip and tear. This backpack will become your best friend when going on a long trip for lugging many storage items with its storage capacity of 19L. This daypack for hiking for women is ideal for a week-long trip because it has multiple pockets for storing multiple things. In addition to the pockets, it has zippered protection running down the front and on top for easy access to everything. Mystery ranch daypack is made to withstand the toughest conditions with its robic fabric manufacturing. It is a water-resistant backpack. For comfort, the bag has an adjustable sternum strap to keep it firm while hiking. Moreover, the bag also has a built-in compression system, removable waist belt, and hydration sleeve. The Mystery hiking backpack for women is made to become your biggest support system on the harshest hiking trips, so wait no more and hop on to get your journey started. 

Osprey Ariel Plus Women’s Backpacking Pack

Last but not least is the Osprey Ariel plus women’s backpack, this hiking backpack for women is the ideal choice for long trips of many days or weeks. Please put on your seatbelts as we are all set to tell you about the amazing features of this backpack. It is made with nylon, making this backpack highly durable and suitable for rough weather conditions. Moreover, the daypack for hiking for women is enabled with many pockets that can easily store your phone, batteries, other electronics, snack bars, flashlight, etc. the PCF-free fabric rain cover is the best to keep your items dry in rainy conditions. The Fit-on-the-Fly shoulders, adjustable torso, and hip belt are good combinations to customize this bag according to your body size.

Moreover, the Osprey Ariel also has dual lower and upper compression straps. The back of this backpack is breathable, so your back doesn’t sweat and helps to let air in and out. For safety, the front dual panel compression is the ideal feature to keep your things in place. Another point about this Osprey Ariel backpack is that it is only advised to be washed with hands. Well, such a bummer!