How to Wash Kanken Backpack

How to Wash Kanken Backpack

Your backpacks and hand carries are bound to get dirty over time. Bags can never stay clean with the countless stains, insides filled with wrappers, old school supplies, or gears. Ensure to clean your backpacks and book bags monthly to make them sustainable and carry-worthy outside. A dirty bag results in dirty belongings, so make sure to wash your bag every then and now so your essentials stay clean. Moreover, a tide backpack enhances your personality. Imagine going outside with a stained backpack and people giving you judging looks for being so unclean. Well, who wants that? No one! 

However, a Kanken backpack is a sturdy, durable bag that can withstand regular wear and tear; hence, it can be quite challenging to wash. With its demanding manufacturing, it may be able to take the untidy torture, but it will be equally tough to wash it once its cycle is over. 

How to Wash a Kanken Backpack:

The Kanken backpack is a popular Swedish backpack that is a great travel partner with its rough and rigid construction. A Kanken bag may be sustainable but needs to be washed occasionally. You cant use a backpack to last you long, no matter how worth it is, if you don’t keep it clean. All bags are different; hence they might require distinguished methods to wash them but fret. As we have thoroughly mentioned how to wash a Kanken bag, read further to get fully informed before washing your bag. 

1. Initially, take everything out of the backpack. Take out all the contents of the bag, clean them individually, and afterward store them in a plastic bag. Verify to clear out all the pockets of the backpack. If a pocket has some dust or small dirt particles that are hard to clean by hand, then use a hand vacuum to remove as much as possible. Furthermore, a makeup brush is essential to clean even the smallest particles left behind. Open all zippers and check if there are hanging threads around them; if yes, cut them. 

2. Now comes the central part. Check to see if the backpack is washable in the machine. Most nylon and cotton backpacks are safe to be washed in the washing machine. Consequently, prepare the backpack for a bath! In case of stains, start by removing them with the help of a stain remover. Apply the stain remover on the stains and let it sit for half an hour. 

3. Prepare the wash for the bag by filling the sink with water and adding some detergent. Besides, that turns the back inside out when putting it in the sink. After some time, turn the bag on the inside and let it stay there for more time. Voila! A new clean bag is at your service.

4. Lastly, let it air-dry! The best way to dry a bag is with the help of nature. Utilize natural air to completely dry the bag before using it. 

Tips for Caring for a Kanken Backpack:

What do you do when you want something to last for a long time? You take extra care and precautions for it. A backpack needs extra care if you want to use it for a longer run. A kanken bag is the perfect everyday backpack for college, work, or store essentials. Here are some additional tips you need to keep in mind while owning a kanken so it lasts you a good time and your investment makes it worth it! 

  • Don’t try washing a kanken bag in a washing machine; this might destroy its material and ruin the quality.
  • Be sure to clean the bag regularly with a damp cloth. If you are in a hurry, try not to store sensitive items like fruits or food, which are bound to go wrong. And if you carry such things, ensure to take them out as soon as you get home. 
  • Don’t use a harsh chemical like bleach to wash the bag.
  • Keep the kanken bag in a dry and cool place when it’s not used. 

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A backpack is a mandatory everyday item whether you are a student, a worker, or a mother. The best way to make the best out of a backpack is to take care of it and clean it occasionally. A kanken bag is ideal for all situations, but you must clean it once in a while to make it durable. A washed bag serves as a freshly bought bag. Now you know how to keep a bag tidy and clean so never delay rewashing it. Enjoy a new bag after every wash!