24 Types of Backpacks – Ultimate Guide

24 Types of Backpacks Ultimate Guide

What is a Backpack?

A backpack, in other words, a rucksack, sack or book sack, is a rectangular container made of fabric. It is typically worn on the back with the help of straps. Bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and all serve the purpose of carrying our belonging, so we don’t have to use our hands or arms for that task. They are the best invention for carrying our books to school laptops and files to the workplace. Backpacks vary in different ways, whether it concerns adjustable straps, built-in compartments, manufacturing or companies. They can carry all sorts of light to heavier items from day-to-day things and weeklong trip mandatories. Backpacks are primarily distributed in four categories, i.e. frameless, internal frame, external frame and bodypack.

History of the Backpack

The backpack has been existing in the world since way earlier. It is the perfect item to store all our essentials, and people have been using it for their benefit for centuries. It is believed that a backpack first came into existence in china. Nonetheless, it is used for various purposes, but at that time, it was used by soldiers to carry supplies. Afterwards, it was introduced in Europe. In Europe, its usage eventually grew due to its excellent benefits and was further utilized by hikers and mountaineers. Finally, it was brought to the US in the early 1900s and began to popularize. Soon it became an everyday thing and is a common sight in colleges, schools, work and urban areas. 

Types of backpacks

Backpacks range in a variety of sizes. Colour and shapes, but they all have one common benefit. All bags are made to carry our items, no matter how big or small, while we go on with our daily life. It can get quite hard to choose the kind of bag you want from the millions of options available, but it all comes down to what you need the bag for. Initially, consider the occasion you want the bag for and start searching accordingly. We have listed 24 bags used in different circumstances, so keep reading to find the perfect fit for your experience. 


The daypack is a bag used to store any lightweight necessities. It’s your go-to companion on light road trips or just a trip down the lane for a quick chore. It can store all the essential items like a water bottle, map, phone and snacks. 

Hiking Backpack

When you are on a hike, what is an essential item? Your backpack! It is a prime companion on your hiking trip because it is responsible for storing all your trip’s requirements. A backpack will determine how long or far your hiking journey will go, but from the hundreds of options on the market, it is pretty challenging to choose one. Following are some points to ponder when you are on a search for a hiking backpack.

  • For starters, consider the nature of your hiking. Think about what kind of hike you are doing as a day hike journey completely varies from a multi-day hiking tour. 
  • Next, consider the amount of gear you are carrying. If you are going on one day hike, then bringing a small backpack that can sustain a light load will be ideal. Consequently, if you are going on a multi-day backpacking trip, you might want to pack more significant, so choose a hiking backpack that can store enough load. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget about your budget! Backpacks come in all styles and are made by the best companies, but you need a durable hiking backpack that fits your budget, so choose wisely.

Travel Backpack

A travel backpack is usually more significant than a daypack. It’s mainly constructed for travelling. It fits easily into overhead bins and is an ideal air travel bag. Moreover, it is also secured with straps to keep your belongings in place during travels. 


A backpack is also known as a rucksack. It is a common type of bag which is worn popularly by hikers and school students. It is worn on the bag and has firm straps. They are widely used; hence they come in many different sizes and styles and are made from different materials like canvas, synthetic fabric or leather. Furthermore, some rucksacks are also blessed with additional pockets for sensitive things and an internal laptop or water bottle compartment. 

Anti-Theft Backpack

A known problem that comes with carrying a backpack is theft. People have been robbed unlimited times while carrying their belonging in their backpacks. This is the sole reason why some people prefer purses over backpacks. But you cannot always resort to a purse to store all your essentials, as there are times that you will inevitably be in dire need of a backpack. So what do you think you should do in such a situation? The anti-theft backpack may be just what you’re looking for. 

The anti-theft backpack has features that reduce the risks of theft, and you can conveniently carry all your belongings and go wherever you want. For starters, this backpack comes with locker zippers. Unlike other backpacks, it has reliable zippers, so people can’t steal from your bag without you knowing; hence you can be at ease in all public places. Moreover, the anti-theft bags have secret compartments. Well, just like a safe, this bag has a secret compartment so you store the mandatory items that won’t be easily accessible to other people. Consider this bag if you are scared of a similar situation. 

Tote Backpacks

Tote bags are the superstar of this season! They are just what everyone needs to carry all their things and keep their hands free. They are ideal for school, office or even for travelling. Unlike other bags, they have straps that go around one shoulder and are very convenient to carry. Moreover, tote bags are very lightweight, so you can fold them and keep them as an extra bag for travelling. Tote bags come in various colours and sizes, and people have started doing multiple DIYs with them to add creativity.

Duffel Backpacks

Duffle backpacks are the creation of the 1990s; hence they give off a vintage yet a chic look. They are simple backpacks designed to look like duffle bags and got the hype in the 2000s. Regardless of all the other bags, duffle backpacks have only one strap that goes over your shoulder. They are usually manufactured with leather and fabric. In addition, sportspeople primarily use them for storing sports equipment or travelling in style. 

Laptop Backpacks

A laptop backpack is specially designed to carry a laptop. They have padded construction which keeps your laptop safe and secured. Additionally, they have other storage pockets to carry other belongings of the laptop like adapter, laptop charger, books, etc., not just. Still, another great feature of laptop backpacks is that some of them have built-in USB ports. This benefits in charging your laptop while you are on the go! The laptop bags have comfortable straps so you can travel with utmost comfort while on the move. Shoulder straps are padded, and sometimes even the chest straps are equipped with such luxury to keep the bag in place. 

Mini Backpack

Mini backpacks are the hype of the decade! In the world of oversized and large backpacks to carry most of your items, mini backpacks serve the purpose of fashion. The mini backpack may not be the ideal type to take to school, the office or for travelling purposes. Instead, it’s the perfect blend of cute and stylish. It can carry some of your essential items like keys, phone and wallet etc. you can take mini backpacks to parties, shopping sprees, and on vacation as they can be easily stored in luggage without taking much space. 

Crossbody Sling Backpacks

If you are someone who hates carrying stuff in your hands, then a crossbody sling backpack is the right bag for you. It goes around the chest and one shoulder, so your hands are entirely free of anything, and you can carry other stuff if you want. Crossbody bags are a brilliant option for travelling, hiking or even running errands here and there. Unlike traditional bags, crossbody backpacks distribute the luggage weight evenly among your body, making them a more comfortable option. They range in sizes and styles, so you have many options per your needs.

Leather Backpacks

Leather backpacks are used for multiple purposes and are commonly carried by students and professionals. These backpacks are very sustainable as they live up to their manufacturing. The primary reason for most people to choose a leather backpack is its durability because it’s less likely to rip and tear than a fabric bag. Moreover, it goes hand in hand with style and comes at various prices depending on the quality. 

Wheeled Backpacks

If you are someone who distastes carrying a bag and burdening your arms and shoulders, then a wheeled backpack is the right choice. A wheeled backpack has wheels at the bottom so that you can roll them anywhere. They are becoming increasingly popular among students as they fail to carry loads of books on their shoulders. Also, they are much more pleasant than traditional backpacks and hence get the recognition they deserve. 

Military Tactical Backpacks

Military tactical backpacks are specially manufactured for military personnel. Unlike regular backpacks, military tactical bags have many features that benefit military people. They feature additional attachments for gears, multiple compartments, and waterproof manufacturing to keep them dry and safe in wet situations. These bags have a very sturdy material; hence they can take all rough treatments. Additionally, military bags are made of very durable and rigid fabric. 

Cycling Backpacks

Cycling backpacks are a must-have for any cyclist. If you often travel by cycling and want a bag that doesn’t move around and is comfortable while you are on the go, then cycling backpacks are your go-to. This unisex bag is perfect for everyone, from women to men. It is of the right size as well, so you can conveniently carry all your belonging while riding. It’s not too big or small, but the exact size capable of carrying all your needs. 

Snowsport backpacks

Snow sports backpacks are ideal not just when it comes to carrying your gear but also when it comes to keeping it safe. They make sure to distribute the weight of the equipment equally among the bag so you are comfortable carrying it. It has a waist belt and chest strap, so it’s not hard to carry much weight. Snowsports backpack ensures that you aren’t overloading, so consider this bag when packing heavy. 


Carrying a water bottle is very troublesome as, most of the time, you are likely to forget where you even put your bottle. An effective way to stay hydrated during hiking, travelling or even going to the gym is carrying a hydration backpack. This type of backpack has an internally installed bladder system which will store all the water you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Besides this, hydration backpacks come in many different styles, so do thorough research before getting one, so it fits your requirements correctly. 


A knapsack is also called a backpack, rucksack, or Bergen. It is a backpack made of multiple materials like leather, canvas or fabric. It’s usually carried on the back and can carry almost all your essential items like clothing, food, equipment, etc. 

Rolling Backpack

A rolling back is the best of both worlds. A rolling backpack is your knight in shining armour if you are a student and carrying tons of books is a burden. It is the best blend of wheels and straps, so you can carry it if you want and roll it when needed. No need to stress over decluttering your school bag anymore to reduce the weight because, with a rolling backpack, you don’t have to worry about carrying your bag anymore. Moreover, if you are professional and don’t want to seem like a child, it’s hard for you to carry a backpack, then get a rolling backpack. It will roll your storage for you, and when not needed, you can wear it on your shoulders other times. You can have the convenience of a backpack combined with the ease of a rolling suitcase.

Suitcase Backpack

Combination backpacks and suitcases are a great way to travel. Suitcase backpacks are a combo of suitcases and backpacks which means you can travel conveniently with the luxury of taking anything and everything you want. No need to fret over packing with the suitcase backpack anymore; they are comfortable enough to carry on yourself while also packing all the stuff you need for your trip. They are also great for people who want to avoid checking luggage when they fly. Suitcase backpacks come in different sizes, so you can get one that meets your needs. 

OutDry Backpack

Out-dry backpacks are constructed like waterproof backpacks as they prevent your belonging from getting wet. This creative pack is for people who want to explore and take adventures without worrying about trivial things like weather conditions. No matter how bad the weather gets, now nothing is stopping you from taking your desired adventure. 

Skate Backpack

Skate backpacks are not for ordinary people. When you are skating, you need a backpack that matches your style and persona. The skate backpack is not just for carrying your skateboard but can also carry your laptop with its other features. It has a padded compartment for your sensitive equipment and meshed pockets on the side to carry the water bottle. Moreover, it is made of a very durable material; hence it can withstand rough treatment. 

Lightweight Foldable Daysacks

Lightweight Foldable Daysacks are for people who want the luxury of carrying a lot with little weight. This bag goes perfectly well in suitcases so that you can carry it everywhere with its advantage of foldability and lightweight. Most lightweight foldable backpacks are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoors and travelling.

Drawstring Gymsacks

Drawstring gym sacks are carried by gym enthusiasts or workout freaks often. These bags are versatile and used for a variety of reasons. A great benefit of drawstring gym sacks is their wide range of variety, so you can choose from numerous colours and styles to match your personality. No matter if you are going for a simple design or something to make you stand out in the crowd, drawstring has your back! 

Running Backpacks

Many runners like to take their belongings with them when hitting the pavement or trail for a run. Running backpacks ensures you can run and carry your belongings all at once. The market is filled with running backpacks; hence it can get tricky to choose one; worry no more as we have listed some points to ponder so you can get the right running backpack.

  1. First, question yourself how much luggage do you plan on carrying? It will help you determine what sized bag you want and which material will be the best if you are overloaded. 
  2. Secondly, see your budget. Budget is crucial when investing in anything, so get one that matches your budget and needs. 
  3. In conclusion, track your trail! Monitor what type of running you do, whether it’s errands or trail runs. This will help you in getting the right running backpack. 

Hunting Backpacks

When it comes to hunters, they are incomplete without their backpacks because they need to carry all their hunting equipment on their hunts. When getting a hunting backpack, there are a few things one should keep in mind: the size and features of the hunting bag. But the most important thing to consider is the backpack fitting. Ensure that your bag is not too small or baggy and carries all your hunting equipment safely to keep them in place.