What Is the Difference Between a Knapsack, Backpack and Rucksack?

What Is the Difference Between a Knapsack, Backpack and Rucksack

You must have used a backpack once in your lifetime; there is no argument about that. Most people pick a bag they like and choose it for their purpose. At the same time, only a tiny percentage researches the different bags and gets the right one to serve them. There are multiple kinds of bags, and all are used for different purposes, but generally, all bags come under a sac with two straps. Let’s look at some significant type of bags and their need in our life. Keep reading to settle the battle of differences that might come to your mind whenever you see different kinds of bags.


A knapsack is a small square shape made which is commonly made from nylon, canvas or leather. It has two straps that go around each shoulder to carry. You can carry your small belongings and keep them for everyday use as it doesn’t have much space. You can store your items of weight up to 1-5kilos in a knapsack.


A backpack, as referred to by the name, is an essential bag with two straps to secure around the shoulders. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It has one main compartment and other side and front pockets. A backpack can handle a weight of about 40 kilos.


Rucking is a military activity, hence a rucksack for such activities; this term originates from the German word “der Rucken,” which means back, and sack refers to bag. Unlike the other two bags, this one comes with a hip and waist belt and is built to carry much more weight. It can carry the weight of luggage up to 10 kilos.

How to Identify which Backpack is Best Suitable for You?

Choosing a bag is much easier when you know their sector of need. First, recognize why and where you need a bag, then choose one accordingly. A backpack is primarily used for school, college, offices, or errands. On the other hand, a knapsack is used for day hikes, day trips, or just running to the mall. Lastly, a rucksack comes in handy for camping, trekking, backpacking, etc.

Final Words!

All bags perform the act of carrying your belongings, but they are all used for different purposes. Different bags are used for different tasks, from the variation in size to features. For instance, if you are going to school or the office, you wouldn’t take a rucksack with you, and similarly, if you are going trekking, a knapsack would be of no use. Hence take a closer look at the three most common types of bags and identify their roles.