How to Carry Skateboard on Backpack

How to Carry Skateboard on Backpack

Wondering how to get around town in a faster and easier way? Try using a skateboard. A skateboard might be the ultimate solution for you to get around town. It helps you stay sweat-free from walking miles and also makes it convenient to move around. One doesn’t always have to own a bicycle to go from one place to another; a skateboard works wonders. But here’s the big question, how to carry a skateboard? Backpack! It might sound surprising at first but carrying a skateboard in a backpack is a piece of cake. Skateboard might be the perfect solution to all your transportation problems, but transporting it is also a problem, so consider using a backpack as your travel companion. 

Why Would You Want to Carry Your Skateboard on Your Backpack?

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You can’t always have your skateboard in your hands, now, can you? Absolutely not! If you are hoping on an adventure or want to use a skateboard as a means of transportation, you sure will need to carry your skateboard at some point. For starters, a board is already hard enough to take. Holding it in your hands when climbing a couple of stairs or walking through a rough patch might cause body aches. Kids and teens already find it hard to carry a skateboard for a long time, and it’s not an easy job for adults. Hence try using a backpack to move your skateboard. But you also might question how to carry a skateboard in a bag. Well, worry not because we have done all the research on your behalf to make your adventures much more accessible and fun. 

How to Carry Skateboard on Backpack

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Regarding skateboarding, your transportation is incomplete without a few essentials. You can never ride a board without taking some safety measures, like wearing a helmet or pads. Hence it’s mandatory to have your helmet and pads on you when riding a skateboard. All these items are hard to carry by hand, so a backpack is an ideal solution. No need to fret over owning a car or bicycle when a bag has your back! 

You can carry a skateboard on a backpack in multiple ways, so let’s review them one by one. The first and foremost option is using straps, but how do you strap a skateboard to a backpack? Don’t fret over such a petty matter, as all packs can carry skateboards with a little technique. There are specific straps specially designed to attach a skateboard to a backpack; naturally, most bags are already equipped with them. This method can be a little inconvenient initially, but you will eventually get the hang of it. The straps quickly go around the skateboard and backpack, securing the board and attaching it to the bag. If you are uncomfortable with straps, there is always another solution using clips that works similarly. 

What are the Benefits of Carrying your Skateboard on your Backpack?

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Skateboarding is a great way to get around, but it cannot be easy to carry your board when you’re not using it. That’s where carrying your skateboard on your backpack comes in handy. This method has a few too many benefits than meet the eye; a few of them are as follows, 

1. Many people refuse to travel with their skateboard to avoid the hurdles it brings sin carrying it. But guess what? You don’t have to be one of them. Now you can take your skateboard anywhere and everywhere conveniently. No more tension of checking your skateboard as luggage when traveling by plane or train because now you can have it attached to your backpack effortlessly.

2. Another fantastic benefit of having your backpack carry your skateboard is that you can take it anywhere, and by anywhere, we mean even in prohibited places. More often than not, many public places prohibit bringing a skateboard, like parks, museums, etc. now, with your skateboard in a backpack, that problem is out of the way! 

3. Skateboard might be a stiff product, but it is just as sensitive. A small scratch on the board or loosened tires can ruin your entire skateboard. Hence carrying a skateboard in a backpack also ensures its safety. 

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is Carrying your Skateboard on Your Backpack the Best Option For You?

Skateboard is an efficient way to get everywhere, but just like everything, it has its pros and cons. One of the significant problems of skateboarding is carrying it while you are not riding it. Therefore no need to worry about that as a backpack is here to save your day! Carry a skateboard on a backpack and enjoy its comfort and ease. Moreover, there are a few destinations you cannot go to by car or bicycle; therefore, try to carry a skateboard in a backpack.