How To Pack a Tent in a Backpack?

can a tent fit in a backpack

Unsurprisingly, you are confused about how to pack a tent in a backpack. A common problem new hikers face is packing a tent because of its apparent colossal size, which plays a significant role in a hiker’s trip. Stuffing your tent in the backpack will not only take up the space designated for the other items but will result in an uncomfortable journey. Moreover, your backpack’s weight must be evenly distributed so that you can adequately go on days without worrying. When it comes to a tent, it’s mandatory to be folded properly to prevent it from unnecessary undue strain. Careless packaging can ruin your tents well as the journey. Hence save yourself the time and money you spent on the hiking trip and learn a thing or two before hopping on the trip.

A Thorough Guide to Packing a Tent in a Backpack:

Here’s a well-explained guide on how to pack a tent in a backpack,

  • The journey to packing a tent in backpacks starts with a tent and a backpack. If you still haven’t bought a tent or a backpack, ensure to get the compatible one. Get an internal framed backpack so that packing a tent in it is much easier and allows space for other items. Moreover, if you already own a tent and a backpack, get a compression bag which will help compress the tent as much as possible to make the backpack roomier.
  • Moving on towards the tent. Ensure your tent is completely dry and clean before placing it in your backpack. Lay your tent to its full size on a flat surface and fold it as per the width of the bag; hence it will be adjusted very well in the bag. Pack all the tent poles in the bag and place that bag over the tent. It will help in tightly rolling and packing the tent.
  • Now place the packed tent in the backpack and start placing other items. Try to put heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Furthermore, balance is essential when carrying a hiking backpack, so following this technique will help distribute even weight among your body.

How to Attach a Tent to a Backpack Externally?

How to Attach a Tent to a Backpack Externally

If you are more likely to attach your tent externally to a backpack, it’s recommended to be folded the same way as you did to put the tent in the bag. For external attachment, backpacks have an external framework, so you can easily attach your tents to the backpacks. Its bottom is the best place to attach your tent to an external frame backpack. This ensures that your back is safe from the overload, and you can still pursue a safe and secure journey. Another critical factor for attaching the tent externally to a backpack is to secure it well with double knotting. You can very well keep your tent outside your bag, but it generates more risks, like the tent getting damaged or falling off in worst-case scenarios.

Final Verdict! 

A tent is an essential item for hiking—whether going for a one-day hike or several days, keeping a tent is a very safe option. It not only shelters you at night but also saves you from extreme weather conditions. New hikers must learn how to pack a tent in a backpack, so they don’t overload themselves. Being well-informed beforehand will aid in packing perfectly. This way, you won’t have to pack overloaded and underweight due to the vast tent storage. Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey with a tent in your backpack!