How To Get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck

How To Get a Hiking Backpack Zipper Unstuck?

How To Get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck

On a hike, your most precious item and savior is your backpack. Although backpacks store many essentials and can run for long regardless, zippers play the key role. A stuck backpack zipper, well, what harm can that do? In most cases, it might not seem like a huge deal, but unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time for the tables to turn.

Imagine being away from civilization and facing an extreme environmental hazard; to top it all off, your backpack zipper is stuck. There’s a 4/5 chance that you might have to face an unexpected situation hence a broken backpack is of no use. Well, not the best situation now, is it? Your backpack stores all your traveling essentials, so if you get a stuck zipper, you can say bye to all those mandatories. Worry not because we are here to save the day. Keep reading if you are wondering¬†how to get a stuck zipper unstuck on a backpack.¬†

Reasons for a Tardy Stuck Backpack Zipper:

Zippers have a very simple working mechanism, yet it can get troublesome almost half the time. They have parallel teeth that close the backpack or open it wide. Thanks to these delicate zippers, all your items are safe and secure in a backpack. 

You may wonder what is the best way to get a zipper unstuck. So start by detecting the initial cause of a broken zipper. No matter how much you invest in a zipper, they all come down to the point of facing some basic problems. The most common reason for a faulty zipper is low-quality manufacturing.

Furthermore, a defective zipper can also be caused when something is stuck between the interlocking teeth of the zippers. Particles like sand, dust, dirt, or even the backpack’s fabric can result in a broken zipper. Another reason that causes hiking backpack zippers to get stuck often is overstraining. This may make it hard for the zipper to slide between the teeth.  

As nerve-wracking as it can get, pulling on the zipper will not help your situation. Hence make sure to examine the cause of the faulty zipper and get it fixed accordingly. 

Ways to Unstuck a Stubborn Backpack Zipper:

We have listed some easy and quick DIYS to unstuck a backpack zipper so you don’t go pulling out all your hair.

  1. Examine the zipper to see if there is something stuck in it. If there is fabric, gently pull the zipper in both directions and reverse it accordingly. Getting hyper isn’t going to take you anywhere, so try dealing with it with patience.
  2. In case of trapped particles, try blowing on it hard to get rid of all in-depth stuck dirt or dust.
  3. Suppose your zipper is still not budging after trying the above two solutions, so we have a last but not least solution! Your zipper is probably corroded. Try using liquid soap or any other lubricant to make it easier for the zipper to slide. You could also try wax crayons or cooking oil to make it slippery enough to move.  

The Final Verdict!

No need to worry about how to get stuck zipper unstuck on a backpack. Zippers are mandatory when it comes to backpacks because, without a zipper, a backpack is useless. You might as well carry a sack instead, LOL. Hence detect the main reason behind your stuck zipper, then move on towards finding the best way to get a zipper unstuck. With patience and smart work, you can enjoy your hiking trips without worrying about a faulty zipper.