How To Wash Jansport Backpack

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Carrying a backpack is very convenient and helps in many ways. While hiking, a backpack most have to carry all your essentials. Just as beneficial as carrying a backpack, it is harder to keep it clean. Have you ever had to experience getting something out of your bag when it is filled with tiny dust particles? If yes, then this guide is your ultimate solution.

Moreover, if you are a student or a young enthusiast, a bag is mandatory to store all your necessities. But with the school back in season, you can’t help but see your precious new backpack become dirty and worn out. It’s no surprise because of the range of things you store in that poor thing; your backpack is bound to die sooner or later. Well, worry not because we are your knight in shining armor! 

No need to bring a dirty backpack to school or work anymore and face embarrassment. Instead, try following all the steps mentioned below to acquire a new and fresh backpack in no time. 

How To Spot Clean a Jansport Backpack

Unlike other backpacks, the Jansport backpack is manufactured differently. Before you kick start washing this sustainable backpack, there are a few points to ponder. For starters, the Jansport backpack is not a waterproof bag; hence you must avoid submerging it in water or any other liquids. Worry not because they are made of sustainable material and can be easily cleaned.

The following are a few tips to ensure your Jansport bag stays with you for the long run. 

  • Initially, identify how your backpack got dirty by a stain or spill. This will help you find the correct method to clean the bag afterward.
  • Secondly, clean the stain with the help of a cloth lightly damped in water. Make sure not to scrub the bag too hard because it might destroy the bag’s material. 
  • Furthermore, if the stain remains intact after using a damp cloth, a mild detergent or soap is recommended but be careful not to scrub so hard. 

How To Hand Wash a Jansport Backpack

You must know its importance if you are also a Jansport backpack owner. Unlike other bags, the Jansport backpack is a very delicate yet sustainable item. It comes in various colors and designs, making it the perfect bag for all kinds of workspace. One should take proper care of this bag if one wants to make the best out of it; by taking proper care, we mean to back away from the washing machine, for starters. The manufacturing of Jansport is very sensitive; hence only hand wash is recommended. 

Here are a few tips on how to hand wash your Jansport backpac

  • All bags come with their instructions manual so start there. Check the specific do’s and don’t’s of the Jansport backpack. Some bags are washing machine friendly while others are not, and the Jansport bag is one of them.
  • Fill your sink or a tub with cool water and mix in some mild detergent. Mix it all very well and create suds.
  • Now gently place your bag in the desired item and start hand washing it delicately using the water suds.
  • Prohibit using any harsh chemicals like bleach or heavy-duty detergents on the Jansport bag. Plus, also avoid using any suede or leather trim on the bag.

How to Dry a Jansport Backpack

The Jansport backpack is the one for getting a backpack that will be the perfect blend of style and convenience. Its vast storage space and durability make it ideal for taking on all your adventures. But there are a few things you should keep in mind because only proper care will help you bear the benefits of this backpack, and one of them is drying it properly. Head down to read a few tips on how to dry your Jansport backpack accurately.

  • After hand washing the backpack, hang it in the open environment to let it air dry 100%. The zippers and straps of this bag are sensitive, so certify them properly.
  • If you have utilized a washing machine to clean your Jansport bag, then again air dry it keeping the zippers and straps in mind.
  • Another pro tip is to put a small bag of baking powder in your bag after washing it so it sucks all the moisture out of it, and your bag is ready to perfection for your new ventures.

How to Store a Jansport Backpack

Jansport backpacks are an excellent option for all students and travelers to carry their belongings, but keeping them safe and secured when not in use is also essential. Hence when they are not needed, store them in a container or storage bag after removing all the internal items and folding them properly. 


In conclusion, take proper care of your Jansport backpack and wash it occasionally but other than that, follow the mentioned tips and tricks to keep it as new as you first bought it.